Climate denial and inaction are hurting New Hampshire’s environment

As part of the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s “Sununu Reality Check” accountability project, we will be highlighting the ways in which Chris Sununu’s out-of-touch policies benefit his friends, family, donors, and corporate special interests instead of average Granite Staters. Each day this week, we will address one of the project’s five areas of concern.

Today’s focus is on Sununu’s dangerous refusal to protect New Hampshire’s environment and natural resources:

“Governor Sununu’s denial of basic climate science is disqualifying in New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Wyatt Ronan. “As the youngest governor in the country, he should be embarrassed by his ignorance on climate science and rejection of clean energy projects that create good-paying jobs right here in the Granite State. ”

“If Sununu thinks his ignorant positions on climate change will earn him votes in New Hampshire, he needs a reality check.” added Ronan.

See below for a reality check on Chris Sununu’s sore misunderstanding of our environment:

Sununu’s climate denial

 On NHPR in July, Governor Sununu, who claims to be an MIT-educated “environmental engineer” denied that carbon emissions play a significant role in climate change. The youngest governor in the country is willfully denying climate change in the midst of some of the most severe weather events our country has ever seen.

Action against climate measures

When President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accords, Governor Sununu didn’t join the governors condemning Trump for that action. Instead, he backed Trump’s decision, saying it’s “not my job” to understand the economic impacts of climate change. Sununu didn’t stop there. Instead, he rejected membership in the US Climate Alliance, designed to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement in states that have signed on. In 2015, Sununu rejected a $4 million solar project, calling solar investments “foolish.” He has also called solar and wind projects “bad deals.” More recently, Sununu has debated withdrawing New Hampshire from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in a move even his Republican colleagues in the State House call “all political.”

Unqualified agency picks

Governor Sununu demonstrated his apathy for environmental policy by appointing another unqualified nominee to head up his Department of Environmental Services. Rather than tap the acting commissioner, Sununu chose a family friend and donor, Peter Kujawski. The Executive Council deemed Kujawski so wholly unqualified that Sununu had to withdraw his pick.