Helping corporate special interests at the expense of working families

As part of the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s “Sununu Reality Check” accountability project, we will be highlighting the ways in which Chris Sununu’s out-of-touch policies benefit his friends, family, donors, and corporate special interests instead of average Granite Staters. Each day this week, we will address one of the project’s five areas of concern.

Today’s focus is on Sununu’s economic failings:

“Governor Sununu has chosen corporate tax breaks over working families over and over again. In doing so, he’s telling the average Granite Stater that they will have to fend for themselves with the nation’s lowest minimum wage and no workforce training opportunities while he gives himself a raise on day one as governor,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Wyatt Ronan. “It’s clear Sununu is more interested in flashy rhetoric and stunts than making sure Granite Staters are able to pay the bills. That has only become more evident through Sununu’s support for a Trump tax plan that promises to save the Trump family over a billion dollars while increasing taxes on working families.”

“It’s no surprise that someone with Governor Sununu’s background doesn’t understand the struggles of the average working family, but as governor, he needs to work for every Granite Stater. Right now, he’s only working for himself.” added Ronan.

See below for a reality check on Chris Sununu’s record on the economy:

Trump tax plan

Sununu has been stumping for Trump’s tax plan since September, and we’re finally starting to see how it would help people like Trump & Sununu at the expense of working families. An NBC News analysis showed that the Trump family stood to gain over a billion dollars from the tax plan that passed the House yesterday. The Senate version adds a tax break for private jets and golf course-owners while trying to further sabotage the Affordable Care Act. Sounds like someone we know, right? (Ahem… Donald Trump). Sununu said he was “encouraged” by this plan that he says is a “step in the right direction.” New Hampshire says differently: Only 39% of Granite Staters support Trump’s tax plan. Approval for it is 5 points underwater with New Hampshire Independents. The Joint Committee on Taxation also disagrees with Sununu, saying Trump’s plan will actually raise taxes on families earning under $75,000 a year.

Workforce training not a priority

Rather than invest in workforce training like businesses across the state were asking him to do, Governor Sununu chose to give the wealthiest 3% of corporations over a $100 million tax cut. Sununu allocated zero dollars toward workforce training in his budget proving that the economic message he ran on was hollow.

Sununu drops incubator funding from budget 

To the deep disappointment of the startup incubator community, Governor Sununu neglected to include any funding for their program in the budget. This demonstrates a serious lack of commitment to our economic future. To make matters worse, Sununu didn’t include a single dollar for workforce training in his budget, something the business community asked him for at the start of the year. This will sorely hurt New Hampshire’s ability to retain young people and recruit businesses like Amazon to the state.

100 businesses in 100 days

Governor Sununu promised to meet with 100 out-of-state businesses in 100 days, but when the due date rolled around, Sununu never showed his work. In a press conference, he couldn’t name a single business he met with and couldn’t say he received a firm commitment from any company to relocate to the state. This lack of transparency makes it hard for Granite Staters to hold Sununu accountable to his promise. Since then, the only company the governor has recruited to the state was run by a member of his administration who is a longtime Concord resident. Meanwhile, Sununu hasn’t worked hard to keep existing businesses in the state, hemorrhaging massive employers like NASCAR and facing layoffs at companies like Liberty Mutual.