Rising premiums thanks to Sununu’s politics-first approach

As part of the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s “Sununu Reality Check” accountability project, we will be highlighting the ways in which Chris Sununu’s out-of-touch policies benefit his friends, family, donors, and corporate special interests instead of average Granite Staters. Each day this week, we will address one of the project’s five areas of concern.

Today’s focus is on Sununu’s misdiagnosis of New Hampshire’s health care system:

“With health care on the line for millions of Americans, Governor Sununu chose to side with President Trump and Congressional Republicans over Granite Staters in need.” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Wyatt Ronan. “Rather than work together in good faith to try and improve our health care system, Sununu has worked to oppose and sabotage the Affordable Care Act just to hand Democrats a loss. His support for these dangerous bills is not in line with the vast majority of constituents. He is simply out of touch with Granite Staters and in-touch with the Washington elite.”

See below for a reality check on Chris Sununu’s shameful record on health care:

Sununu backs Trumpcare

Governor Sununu jumped on the Trumpcare train early, calling the Republican House bill that kicked 24 million Americans off insurance “a huge win.” Sununu also pushed for a clause that would allow states to opt out of having to cover substance use disorder treatment, mental health, and women’s health. Despite three different opportunities, Sununu refused to sign onto bipartisan letters from governors across the country opposing harmful Trumpcare bills. The governor would go on to call the last-ditch Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare effort “very exciting,” even bragging about writing the bill with the help of far-right Governor Scott Walker.

While Sununu pushed bills that would kick millions off insurance and raise premiums, he rejected a reinsurance plan from his own Insurance Commissioner that would have lowered premiums in the state. He also assured voters that Trump wouldn’t cancel cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments, which Trump promptly did. Sununu’s response was not to vocally oppose Trump’s decision. Instead, he said he would “never pressure” Trump to do anything. Only 27% of Granite Staters support Trumpcare.

Sununu’s Medicaid overhaul

If his Trumpcare support wasn’t bad enough, Governor Sununu voted in the minority against Medicaid expansion in 2014, which would have denied over 50,000 Granite Staters the care they need. Sununu’s opposition to Medicaid does not stop there. Sununu fantasizes about block-granting Medicaid, which is the underlying premise to many of the wildly unpopular and destructive repeal & replace plans. As early as February, Governor Sununu said of Medicaid block grants: “Give us a Medicaid block grant” and “block grants are great & I’m a strong believer in that.”

Sununu backs Trump’s opioid budget cuts

New Hampshire was called “ground zero” for the opioid fight, but Governor Sununu continues to praise a Trump budget & the administration’s policies which drastically cut funding to combat the opioid crisis.  Sununu called Trump’s budget “encouraging” despite the fact that it cuts funding to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, cuts drug prevention funding by 11%, cuts Medicaid by 47% and cuts substance use disorder & mental health funding by $400 million. Sununu neglected to fully fund the alcohol fund in his budget, a move the chairman of his own Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse said could hurt the opioid fight.