Welcome to Sununu Reality Check

Chris Sununu has a bit of trouble with reality. As governor, he should be fighting for New Hampshire residents, businesses, and economy, but since assuming the job in January, he has been more interested in catering to corporate special interests and his national party backers—including President Trump.

Sununu cloaks his actions in a healthy dose of bipartisan doublespeak. But we won’t let him continue his ‘aw shucks’ act anymore. That’s why the New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching, “Sununu Reality Check” aimed at holding Governor Chris Sununu accountable for his out-of-touch record. In 2017, Granite Staters turned out in record numbers to reject the Trump-Sununu agenda they have seen unfurl over the past year. Across the state, from Carroll to Hillsborough County, from Sullivan to Rockingham County, voters in the unlikeliest of districts have broken longstanding precedent to turn Trump districts bright blue. After the resounding electoral success of 2017, the New Hampshire Democratic Party is focusing in on our 2018 target, Governor Chris Sununu.

Sununu Reality Check will focus on five key issues in which Governor Sununu’s out-of-touch policies have betrayed New Hampshire values, including education, health care, the economy, the environment, and ethics. We will bring Sununu back to reality and hold him accountable for his actions that put his party and special interests ahead of the businesses and families of New Hampshire.