Sununu Silence

Despite his supposed “zero tolerance” policy on sexual misconduct, Governor Sununu has been silent about the members of his own party who have been accused of serial sexual assault and harassment. The New Hampshire Democratic Party has called on Sununu to condemn the behavior of three Republican elected officials with ties to the New Hampshire governor, but Sununu has deflected, ignored or refused all requests.



On October 12th, 2016, two women accused then-candidate Donald Trump of sexual assault. In the surrounding days, Republican organizations and party leaders condemned and un-endorsed Trump. Governor Sununu, however, said he was “staying with my support for Trump” the day after the Access Hollywood tape in which Trump admitted to sexual misconduct. Sununu has never been on the record condemning Trump or un-endorsing him despite 13 women coming forward since the tape to accuse him of sexual assault.


On July 14th, 2017, New Hampshire Republican State Representative Eric Schleien was charged with sexually assaulting a minor. Instead of condemning Schleien and asking him to resign, Governor Sununu once again remained silent. To this day, Sununu has still not even offered a condemnation of Schleien’s behavior, despite his “zero tolerance” policy.


On January 26th 2018, Casino mogul and then-RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn was reported to have repeatedly committed sexual assault. Governor Sununu’s New Hampshire Republican Party received $10,000 from Wynn personally and $29,000 from the Republican National Committee under Wynn’s leadership. The NHGOP has refused to give back the money despite the Republican Governors Association, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senator Ron Johnson and the Wisconsin Republican Party returning their Wynn-related contributions. Sununu decided once again not to employ his “zero tolerance” policy, instead offering no comment on yet another Republican accused of sexual misconduct.