Sununu misleads and attempts to distort his record in State of the State address

In his State of the State speech this morning, Governor Sununu consistently manipulated his record to try to create the appearance he’s doing anything other than looking out for his wealthy family, friends, donors, and corporations while in office. Here’s a list of his “accomplishments” so far in office, and the reality behind them.

Sununu’s budget
When Sununu congratulated himself for doing his job and passing a budget, he failed to mention that his $100 million tax cuts for the wealthiest 3% of corporations came at the expense of fully funding the alcohol fund, funding workforce development and job training, and freezing university tuition. His budget did nothing to help the majority of Granite Staters, it only helped line the pockets of his wealthy family, friends, donors, and corporations.

 “Thriving Business Climate”
 Sununu claimed he’s helped spur economic development, but in reality, his leadership has resulted in New Hampshire losing jobs for the first time since the recession, becoming one of only two states that lost jobs last year and the only state in New England to lose jobs. Under the Democratic leadership of Governors Hassan and Lynch, New Hampshire’s economy grew and thrived. In just one year of Sununu bucked the national trend plunging New Hampshire to the 50th state in the nation in job creation.

100 Businesses 
Sununu highlighted Derm Spectra moving to New Hampshire as a result of the “100 businesses in 100 days” pledge he claims he fulfilled. What he didn’t say was the company’s Executive Vice President currently works in Sununu’s Administration, which is the only reason they moved the 10-employee company to Portsmouth. Maybe instead of using his time failing to entice national organizations to come to New Hampshire, he should have worked to retain the companies who have left New Hampshire since Sununu took office.

Opioid Crisis

When Sununu talks about what he’s done to fight opioids since taking office, he doesn’t go into specifics because he can’t. In reality, Sununu has failed in delivering additional resources to tackle the opioid epidemic. Instead, since taking office, Sununu shorted the alcohol fund by millions, won’t support $10 million in resources from the Rainy Day Fund through the RESCUE Act or a constitutional amendment to fully fund the alcohol fund at 5%, and comes back from his many trips to DC empty-handed and full of excuses for President Trump’s inaction.

Cutting Regulations 

Sununu is proud of his decision to have cut “thousands” of New Hampshire regulations. But the Union Leader recognized the political stunt for what it was, calling Sununu out for this Executive Order that was “smoke & mirrors” and “political theater.”