Sununu puts his NRA A-rating over action on guns

Today, Governor Sununu introduced a “school safety” task force, but in the wake of the Parkland school shooting, Sununu forgot about one big thing…

He forgot to mention guns even once.

Governor Sununu’s inaction on guns is likely due to his A-rating from the NRA and his expansion of gun rights as governor. Sununu’s unshakeable opposition to common sense gun reform is shameful. He can’t mask his inaction with school safety reform that refuses to address the 239 school shootings that have happened just since Sandy Hook in December of 2012.

Republican governors Phil Scott and Brian Sandoval are taking serious action on guns, while four Northeast governors have formed a coalition to pass gun control initiatives. Sununu has stuck by his guns and refused to join this coalition.

Here’s the reality of Governor Sununu’s history on guns:

Guns in Schools

Earlier this month, Governor Sununu supported a state law that prohibits towns and schools from choosing to ban guns on school property.

Sununu said “I can tell you, I’m not looking for any additional restrictions at this time. I’ll leave it there.” By saying he’s “not looking for any additional restrictions,” Sununu is refusing to allow individual towns to make their own decisions about whether to allow guns in their schools.

Campus Carry

In an interview on NHPR’s The Exchange, Sununu was asked if he would pledge to veto HB 1542, a bill being considered in the State House that would permit carrying weapons on New Hampshire’s public college campuses. Far from pledging a veto, Sununu confirmed his support for allowing concealed weapons on the state’s college campuses, saying “If it’s a public area then yes [it should be allowed].”

Assault Weapons

In an interview on NHPR, Sununu defended AR-15s, dismissing any discussion of a ban on the military style assault weapon. Sununu claimed, falsely, that an AR-15 was equivalent to a 9mm handgun. Experts say that AR-15s are more dangerous for many reasons.

National Background Check System, Gun Safety Coalition

New Hampshire is the only state in New England that does not disclose records of dangerously mentally ill people to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

When asked about this, Sununu questioned whether certain individuals belong on the list in the first place when he should be sharing this information with other states. As a result of his refusal to share this list, a dangerously mentally ill individual would be turned away at a New Hampshire gun store, but a background check in a neighboring state would not be able to uncover any history of mental illness.

Sununu doubled down on this position last week when he refused to join a coalition of Northeast Governors in an initiative aimed at ensuring greater safety by sharing background check information and tracing guns across state lines.

Concealed Carry

Sununu’s first legislative initiative upon taking office as Governor was passing SB12, which allows gun owners in New Hampshire to carry their weapon in a concealed manner without a license from their local police chief. New Hampshire police chiefs called this law “dangerous” before it passed, but Sununu signed it anyway. Sununu recently questioned the motives of New Hampshire police chiefs who, before the new law was passed, might refuse to grant a concealed carry license to someone they considered dangerous.

Bump Stocks

Sununu refused to say anything while Republicans in the legislature rejected a proposal to ban bump stocks, the weapon accessory that was used to kill 58 people and injure 489 more in the mass shooting in Las Vegas.