“Sununu Madness” Championship

Sununu Madness, our bracket competition to decide Governor Sununu’s worst leadership failure so far, has now come down to just two options. The championship round features two examples of the unprincipled decision-making that has defined Governor Sununu’s term in office:

On Governor Sununu’s first day in office, he gave himself an 18 percent raise amounting to $22,192.30 more in salary than his predecessor, then-Governor Maggie Hassan, received. He also approved a $6,000 pay raise for Frank Edelblut, his unqualified Education Commissioner. While Sununu was eager to make sure he and Edelblut were earning the highest government salary possible, he took the exact opposite approach to managing the state workforce.
Since the start of the current fiscal year, Governor Sununu has forced New Hampshire’s state workers to work without a contract. After the State Employees’ Association asked for a 3 percent cost of living raise, Governor Sununu shut down negotiations, let the state employees’ contract expire, and forced them to work without a fair contract or the equipment necessary to do their jobs for the last 275 days.
Since these failures of leadership are two sides of the same coin, it’s difficult to decide which is worse. That’s why we invited you to help us choose by voting in the polls posted by Sununu Reality Check on Twitter. The final poll is now complete, and the winner is: