Trump had plenty to thank Sununu for on his birthday

The NHGOP threw President Trump a birthday party, but they skipped the gifts since Governor Chris Sununu has been bending over backwards to give Trump everything he could possibly ask for ever since they both took office. Sununu has stood with Trump through the healthcare repeal debacle, to his reckless disregard of climate change, to the promotion of dangerous voter fraud conspiracy theories. He defended Trump through the racist Muslim Ban, the release of the sexist Access Hollywood tape, and the outrageous comments on the Charlottesville riot.

It wouldn’t have been surprising if Governor Sununu flew down to Washington yet again to attend Trump’s actual birthday party. But if he didn’t, Sununu could just send the cards we put together on his behalf to remind New Hampshire voters just how much he has done to demonstrate his loyalty to Trump at the expense of the Granite State.

Governor Sununu praised President Trump’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He touted Trump’s disastrous healthcare repeal plan as a “huge win,” even though the CBO determined that it would yield disastrous financial and health-related consequences for millions of Americans. Either Sununu does not understand how health care works or simply does not want to upset the President; both options are deeply troubling for New Hampshire.

Governor Sununu threw everything he could behind his attempt to pass Trump and unqualified education secretary Betsy DeVos’s school voucher agenda in the Granite State. Governor Sununu worked tirelessly to pass this unconstitutional legislation that would divert $266 million from public schools. Fortunately for New Hampshire, this present to DeVos and Trump was never delivered. New Hampshire knew better, and the governor’s efforts failed as the bill was rejected on three separate occasions, but Sununu has promised to make school vouchers his first priority if he gets reelected. 

Governor Sununu found a way to defend the indefensible after President Trump’s heinous comments concerning the violence in Charlottesville last year. Sununu appeared unfazed by the president equating Neo-Nazis with protesters, and shrugged off the event by claiming that President Trump, regardless of what he says, is always criticized. Only after intense pressure did Sununu change his tune and formally denounced Trump’s comments.

Governor Sununu supported the President’s asinine decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. The governor, himself a climate change denier, argued that it was not his job to know the specifics of the accord and that he trusted President Trump’s judgment on the matter. Protecting the environment should be a priority of all public officials, but Chris Sununu chose to enable rather than challenge Trump on his misguided policy decision.

After personally inciting President Trump’s voter fraud conspiracy theories, Governor Sununu kept the lie going by supporting his “Election Integrity Commission” in its effort to popularize the myth of voter fraud in New Hampshire while finding zero supporting evidence. Despite this lack of evidence, Sununu vowed to fully comply with Trump’s commission by providing it with voter information. Only after a lawsuit was launched against the commission did Sununu try to walk back his previous comments.

Perhaps Governor Sununu’s most generous gift to the President has been his silence. While other Republican governors have publicly challenged President Trump and his harmful policies, Governor Sununu has largely failed to reprimand the president. From social issues to environmental and legal crises, Sununu has stood with Mr. Trump on the majority of issues, choosing party over country. Sununu’s silence is deafening, and his complicity in the president’s destructive behavior is shameful and embarrassing.